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OneTrust Configuration Engineer

A OneTrust** Configuration Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and customizing the OneTrust platform to meet the privacy and compliance needs of the client.

This role involves configuring the software, creating workflows, and ensuring seamless integration with other systems. Candidate to have strong technical skills, knowledge of privacy regulations, and the ability to collaborate with client technical and business teams.

Roles and responsibilities:

· Platform Configuration: Customize and configure the OneTrust platform based on client requirements, ensuring it aligns with their specific privacy and compliance needs.

· Workflow Design: Create and optimize workflows within OneTrust to streamline processes related to data governance, consent management, and other privacy-related functions.

· Integration: Collaborate with client and internal teams to integrate OneTrust with other systems and applications, ensuring a seamless flow of data and information.

· Client Consultation: Engage with client to understand privacy and compliance objectives, providing expertise on how OneTrust can best meet their requirements.

· Troubleshooting: Address technical issues, perform debugging, and resolve configuration challenges to maintain the smooth operation of the OneTrust platform.

· Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of configurations, customizations, and integrations to facilitate knowledge transfer and future support.

· Training: Provide training and support to end-users or client support teams to maximize their understanding and utilization of the OneTrust platform.

· Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough testing of configurations to ensure they meet functional requirements and comply with relevant privacy standards.

· Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for optimization and enhancement of the OneTrust setup, proactively suggesting improvements based on evolving privacy landscapes and client needs.

**OneTrust is a software platform that specializes in privacy management and compliance. It helps organizations manage and automate various aspects of their privacy programs, including data governance, consent management, and regulatory compliance.

Job Category: Technology

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